We are a global educational movement for entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners.
United Leaders believe that shared expertise is the best way to grow your business. By uniting the largest business clubs, we hope to create a global movement that promotes entrepreneurship.
Unite international business communities
Members of any business community are its greatest value. By sharing business experience internationally, we can help them grow together.
Popularise entrepreneurship through role models
There are plenty of high-impact entrepreneurs we do not know about. United Leaders want to share stories that inspire entrepreneurs across the globe, give free publicity to social projects and the people behind them.
Empower entrepreneurs to achieve global goals
United Leaders support 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations. It is a universal call to action. From reducing poverty to quality education — a challenge to achieve.
Create a culture
of «giving back»
We believe that every role model is socially responsible. Entrepreneurs can become anchors of the community, drive local and macroeconomic change.
High-impact model
Business leaders drive macroeconomic change and improve human welfare. We bring them together. Movement members not only create businesses — they help people around them.
Business education through networking
Lifelong business learning can help entrepreneurs grow. It is impossible without an environment of trust, a place where every question will find a working solution. Help us build it.
Sustainable development
Executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners can change the world together. Whether global or local, small or large — your impact will be felt. It will matter.
Equium Dubai is a business community for high-impact entrepreneurs. It is a non-dividend club: Founders and Advisory Board members do not receive profit. Member fees help us maintain club infrastructure, organize events and invite public speakers.
The first "Burning Man" for entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and business owners. It is a 1-day event with the elements of networking, business education, recreational and outdoor activities followed by a musical performance. We pioneered IMPACTER Festival on October 28, 2021, in Al-Sahra Desert, UAE. More than 300 business community residents and invited guests have participated and joined the United Leaders initiative. It is an "invitation only" event, which allows us to welcome only high-impact entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world.
GSEA 2021/2022
GSEA is a free competition for entrepreneurs and business owners. Among organizers are YPO, Entrepreneurs' Organization, Equium Global, and other business communities. It is a chance for aspiring entrepreneurs to find investors and partners, network in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Winner of the "Best Student Entrepreneur" nomination will represent his country in a global stage.
Support our values and become one of us:
I want to share my experience with the movement members.
I commit to the values of openness and reciprocity.
I shall strive to be an anchor of the community, create and support social initiatives to the best of my ability.